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Nike, Rolex and Nikon. Just a few of the clients that have entrusted Montana with their creative vision. With the experience of running a 30 man crew with a $50K budget to a one on one session with Tiger Woods, we can take your vision and make it reality

Montana Pritchard is a highly successful nationally recognized commercial photographer based in West Palm Beach, Florida. From creative fashion at exotic locations to polished studio work, he has earned widespread acclaim for his vision.

Early in his career, influenced by artists such as Rembrandt, Degas, and photographer Peter Lindberg, Montana’s images became more focused on beauty and truth. He quickly developed his technical skills and opened his own photography business in 1996. Over the next couple of years he became an accomplished commercial and fashion photographer, shooting for clients such as Nike, Polo- Ralph Lauren, Physique, Nikon, Barcelo Rum, and Rolex, Montana’s business expanded and in 2002 he opened a second location in New York City. Maturing under the influence of the creative energy and stark realistic beauty in a fast paced city Montana’s vision of fashion and the figure began to take on a much more artistic shape. This new found focus flourished resulting in several group exhibitions and six solo shows. After ten years in business and seeking respite from one hundred hour work weeks, six employees, and two locations, Montana made a decision that would change both his life and perspective on happiness. Taking the biggest chance in his career Montana took an entire year off from commercial photography. Closing both studios to travel around the world; from Antarctica to Easter Island, Iceland to Nepal, Africa to New Zealand he backpacked, camped and climbed on all seven continents chasing the beauty of silence, solitude and camaraderie of nature through the beauty of light and form. The panoramic images produced during this year hiatus have resulted in an extremely personal and emotional look through Montana’s eye as a traveler alone on a journey of discovery. Returning to Florida in January 2007 Montana opened a new studio space in West Palm Beach. Revitalized by his year of travel Montana’s return to commercial photography is tempered by his desire to continue the process of artistic discovery. Focusing on fine art and the production of his book “isolation revealed” which showcases landscape images and journal entries from his journey, Montana is redefining his career, chasing his passion for beauty in every situation. “my only desire is to show pure unaltered beauty in all of my images...whether landscapes or nudes my muse will always be the same: The seduction of innocence as seen through my lens.” Montana Pritchard
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