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in the 80's I found myself hearing new wave and avant-garde music, this woke something inside of me. I started playing, writing and singing with friends. when u touch ART U find eVery day sOmething deep inside of U.. around 1990 I found myself building my own canvas frames - and start painting in the forest, desert, studio.This first project I called MTAOL (Oil) In the last years I am back to nature with camera too. My wish is if any child can get a chance to find his way in the art side. Hope, Peace, love , good people helping community and wishing to see a small smile in any soul And the most important thing is, tO keep tO doing, moving ! (Looking for gallery or studio to work with Oil painting & Photography) (Want and Happy to join for fundraising exhibitions) Thank U, Keep for green wOrld,
Ofer MizraChi.
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