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The aim is to showcase photography with a creative twist.

My philosophy is simple. I want to give my clients what they want the style they choose, the photos they ask for, all at a price they can afford.

I always follow my instincts and by doing this I feel I achieve creative and exciting photography. My aim is to produce photographs with just the right amount of visual impact to allow the viewer to feel the essence of the image presented before them.

Working on assignments and commissions for clients in travel, advertising, publishing, design and corporate art. My photos have been widely published in magazines and are featured in printed product lines sold worldwide.

I released in 2007 the book "the Spirit of Parga" and am currently working on it's second deluxe edition which should be released for the summer 2010. Stay tuned!

Contact me for additional details for any specific photography requests.

Remy Musser
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