Philippe de Kemmeter: Honoring The Red Devils

[ Posted: Jul 25, 2016 ]

As the Euro (Football/Soccer, depending on where you’re from) Cup of 2016 came to a close with it’s France vs. Portugal finale, Belgian illustrator Philippe de Kemmeter felt that he wanted to honor the Belgian team, or “the Red Devils”, for their valiant efforts in the tournament. With an illustration that mixes each of the team’s players with a number of eatable, drinkable and…”smokeable” objects, Philippe said back in July: “Tonight is the final of Euro 2016. Without the Devils. Yet they had the perfect team.”

Philippe's own version of the Red Devils can be viewed in closer detail on their official Facebook page (linked below).

Philippe de Kemmeter: Honoring The Red Devils
[ Copyright Phillippe de Kemmeter ]

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