A Different Perspective On Barraclough’s “Redhead Project”

[ Posted: Sep 28, 2016 ]

There’s been a lot of writing about photographer Keith Barraclough’s fantastically unique and long-spanning “Redhead Project” over the last few years, yet rarely do we get a chance to hear about it from the subject’s point of view. That is until now, as one of Keith’s subjects, Tara, shared a heartwarming blog post about her family-of-five’s photo shoot experience with Keith in Austin, TX. Listing the shoot as one of her most precious “once in a lifetime” experiences, it’s clear how much of an impact a project like this can make on people’s lives " something that is easy to forget when we only focus on the artistic side of things.

Follow the link below to read the full story about Tara’s experience and be sure to visit Keith’s website for more awesome images.

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