Anni Betts Works On Christmas Themed Book For Little Children

[ Posted: Dec 12, 2016 ]

Christmas-times are finally upon us, and with it comes a great number or adorable Christmas themed gifts. Illustrator Anni Betts recently shared a wonderful book she worked on earlier this year, which is targeted to smaller children and would make a great gift for the little ones this Holiday season. The book, titled “Little Children’s Christmas Activity Book” is a collaboration between Anni and a number of other illustrators, containing plenty of activities such as puzzles, coloring pages and games, and it even comes with a few pages of stickers! Anni, who worked on three different spreads for the book, also shared two of her favorite illustrations: a spot-the-ornaments game and a winter wonderland scene which is all about finding a variety of animals.

The book can currently only be purchased in the UK on Amazon (linked below).

[ Copyright Anni Betts ]

[ Copyright Anni Betts ]

[ Copyright Anni Betts ]

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