Barraclough Wants His Subjects To Be Themselves

[ Posted: Dec 14, 2016 ]

Being multilayered human beings, we all have different sides that we show to the world; one for our family, one for our co-workers, and so on. Keith Barraclough, who for years has worked on his incredible, continuous “Red Head Project”, decided that he wanted to show a couple of different sides to his subjects.

The new series, titled “Be Yourself”, puts the focus on both that side that people show to the world on a daily basis and their slightly more “true” selves, which are being expressed in Keith’s project which MUCH enthusiasm.

For more updates on Keith’s various projects, be sure to visit his official website and Altpick-page.

Barraclough Wants His Subjects To Be Themselves
[ Copyright Keith Barraclough ]

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