Red Head Project Finds its Way to the Florida Coast

[ Posted: Jan 13, 2017 ]

Having traveled through places like Dallas and the Big Apple (aka New York City), photographer Keith Barraclough’s “Redhead Project” has now found its way to the Florida coast. The project, which currently contains portraits of over 300 natural redheads, is currently looking for its next wave of interesting personalities (the only requirement being that you are over 5 years old and a redhead “by nature”).

The first part of the portrait-taking usually has the subject standing in white clothing in front of a white background. This is made to show the participant in a more “neutral state” and have the viewer feel intrigued about who the person really is and what he or she is thinking about. But it’s really for the second part, when items that in some ways represent the participant’s life are brought onto set, that the person get a chance to either challenge or reinforce modern-day stereotypes. This is usually when the most authentic personalities come out and ultimately get a chance to be expressed to the world - all through the lens of Keith’s camera.

To read more about Keith Barraclough’s ever-expanding “Redhead Project”, and for a chance to sign up as a participant, be sure to check out the full article in Palm Beach Post’s online magazine (linked below).

Red Head Project Finds its Way to the Florida Coast
[ Copyright Keith Barraclough ]

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