Knobel Depicts Major Candidates For French Election

[ Posted: Mar 13, 2017 ]

The new leader of France is about to be named, and five major candidates are topping the polls: Benoît Hamon of the Socialist Party, François Fillon of The Republicans, Emmanuel Macron of the En Marche! party, Marine Le Pen of the National Front party and Jean-Luc Mélenchon of the Unsubmissive France party. The first round of the election will be held on the 23rd of April this year, though should none of the candidates win majority, a second round with only the top two candidates will be held on the 7th of May. A veteran in political satire, illustrator Urs J. Knobel recently shared his own depiction of the candidates (save for Mr. Fillon) - a humorous, yet strikingly accurate representation.

More on-point caricature by Urs J. Knobel can be found on his official website in the link below.

Knobel Depicts Major Candidates For French Election
[ Copyright Urs J. Knobel ]

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