“Social Media Is the Message” by Eddie Guy

[ Posted: May 11, 2017 ]

“The media.” That’s about all you have to say nowadays to start up a heated conversation with someone about who is right and who is wrong, and for what reasons. The “fake news” phenomenon is definitely a subject to be taken seriously (to whomever would like to apply the term), and there’s no question that it’s a problem in need of solving.

In a recent article for The Wired, writer Clive Thompson talks to a number of people in the fields of publication, media and social media about what can be done to prevent the spread of false rumors, and in turn, to what costs. The wonderfully detailed illustration for the article was created by none other than Altpick-member Eddie Guy, who symbolically portrays the issue with a beautiful fauna, including one devious-looking snake!

“Social Media Is the Message” by Eddie Guy
[ Copyright Eddie Guy ]

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