Exhibit NYC Tue September 19 "Let's Walk alone'

[ Posted: Sep 07, 2017 ]

Kristofer Dan-Bergman's 'Let's Walk Alone' Exhibit at Three Finger Gallery will introduce two new series of mine: 'LES Walk' and 'allONE'. On view will also be parts of the series 'S_PACE', 'Away' and 'Evidence...'.

When: Tue. Sept 19 5-8P opening reception
Where: ThreeFinger Gallery at Barbalu on 227 Front St.
Closest subways Fulton St. (A,C,J, Z) or Brkln Bridge/Chambers (4,5,6,J,Z)

Exhibit NYC Tue September 19 "Let's Walk alone'
[ Copyright Kristofer Dan-Bergman ] 'allONE' #05 is part of the allONE series.

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