Rudy Gutierrez Celebrates the Birth of A Jazz Legend

[ Posted: Oct 02, 2017 ]

September 23 is a very special day for a great deal of Jazz lovers, as it was the day a legend was born - Mr. John Coltrane. Illustrator and fine artist, Rudy Gutierrez, who made the key artwork for the movie “Spirit Seeker - John Coltrane’s Musical Journey” by Gary Golio, paid his own respect with the display of some beautiful art from the film and his own, personal message. It reads:

“The great John Coltrane! Gratitude for one of my artistic angels on the day that he came to be. He taught, wisdom, peace, humanity and love through the power of his sound which he plugged into the infinite to become a vessel. I think of him in these times where the ignorant do what they do based on selfishness and entitlement and throw around words like karma of which they have no understanding. It is always about giving, growing, evolving and inspiring. Thanks to to those who walk the planet and give to it, like MR. COLTRANE!”

“Spirit Seeker - John Coltrane’s Musical Journey” can currently be found on Amazon (link below).

[ Copyright Rudy Gutierrez ]

[ Copyright Rudy Gutierrez ]

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