Oliver Wetter Adds New Work to “Android Legacy” Series

[ Posted: Dec 18, 2017 ]

Oliver Wetter does it again, and this time it’s with a new edition to his personal “Android Legacy” series. The piece, titled “Synesthesia”, is a mix of photo, illustration and 3D and was initially thought up from one of Oliver’s earlier commissions; sadly, it was one that got cancelled “before it even started”, but it stayed in Oliver’s mind and eventually turned into this beautiful image.

For those unfamiliar, synesthesia is a condition where one sense is simultaneously linked with one or more additional senses (for example, one might connect certain sounds with certain colors or shapes).

The full “Android Legacy” series can be found in its entirety on Oliver’s ArtStation page (linked below).

Oliver Wetter Adds New Work to “Android Legacy” Series
[ Copyright Oliver Wetter ]

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