Cocotos’ Illustrations Shown At Simultaneous NYC Gallery Group Exhibits

[ Posted: Feb 12, 2018 ]

For many years, Tom Cocotos’ collage illustrations of birds, bees, people and more have been enjoyed by viewers of all ages, and quite recently, they could be seen at a couple of group exhibitions held at gallery spaces in New York City: “Postcards from the Edge” at Gallery 524, on 524 W 26th St., and “Et Tu, Art Brute?” at Andrew Edlin Gallery, on 212 Bowery. Gallery-goers at the aforementioned venue also had an opportunity to purchase Tom’s illustrations, as 524 offered affordable art that donated all proceeds to the “Visual AIDS” organization.

More eye-catching collage illustrations from Tom Cocotos and information about his other exhibits can be found on his official website in the link below!

[ Copyright Tom Cocotos ]

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[ Copyright Tom Cocotos ]

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