Fullarton Pays Tribute To “The Fall”’s Mark E. Smith

[ Posted: Feb 20, 2018 ]

On the 24th of January, the world lost singer/songwriter and post-punk icon, Mark E. Smith. Gone by the early age of 60, Smith was best known as the lead singer, lyricist and (only) constant member of the group The Fall. Illustrator, David Fullarton, who previously incorporated Smith in one of his pieces, re-posted his artwork as a tribute, along with a personal story about the notoriously difficult musician:

“I found myself standing right next to him once in a nightclub in Manchester, the hostility he exuded was palpable. Needless to say I lacked the courage the talk to him, a decision which was probably wise, and which I've never regretted until now.”

Fullarton Pays Tribute To “The Fall”’s Mark E. Smith
[ Copyright David Fullarton ]

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