A starred review for SUMMER SUPPER from BookList

[ Posted: Mar 01, 2018 ]

The children's book, SUMMER SUPPER, written by Rubin Pfeffer and illustrated by Mike Austin (published by Penguin Random House, on sale May 2018) just received a starred review from BookList!

Pfeffer, Rubin (Author) , Austin, Mike (Illustrator)
May 2018. 40 p. Random, hardcover, $17.99. (9781524714642).

On a small farm, a family plants seeds, watches the sprouts grow, and harvests their fruits and vegetables. The scene shifts to the farmer’s market and then to the home of a family that buys the produce. After preparing the food, they enjoy a picnic feast with their friends, clean up, play music, dance, and turn in for the night (except for those needing a late-night snack).

That sounds pleasant enough, but Pfeffer’s cleverly worded text and Austin’s vibrant artwork combine to make this book special. For librarians fielding preschool teachers’ requests for picture books showcasing a single letter of the alphabet, here’s one to remember, because every word starts with an S. Printed in big, bold letters that show up well, the main text unfolds in single words and concise phrases, beginning with “Shovel soil. / Sow seeds. / Sprinkle, /sprinkle” and ending with “Sleepy / Snooze. / Shhh . . . / SNACK!” Meanwhile, within the illustrations, more S words appear, representing thoughts, comments, and sounds.

Austin’s digital-collage artwork features clean lines and a profusion of rich colors, patterns, and textures that work together beautifully. With jaunty pictures that look striking from a distance, this farm-to-table picture book is a lively classroom read-aloud choice.

" Carolyn Phelan
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A starred review for SUMMER SUPPER from BookList

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