"Legs" Editorial Portraits by Jay Watson

[ Posted: Mar 16, 2018 ]

Editorial Photoshoot for Bicycling Magazine
by Jay Watson

Sometimes we meet people for a reason. The morning I photographed pro racer Peter Stetina in Santa Rosa, CA for Bicycling Magazine, I was rear ended in an accident and totaled my truck. Peter’s story for the piece is about his recovery during a horrible bike accident while racing in the Vuelta al Pais Vasco that left him with a shattered kneecap, cracked tibia, torn LCL, and 5 broken ribs. Two days later I photographed Cait Dooley â€" a soul cyclist and bike racer who was diagnosed with thyroid cancer while in peak fitness.

Both shoots occurred during a very hectic week with multiple assignments, several deadlines, and plenty of stress. By the time it ended I felt like I had the best job in the world. You don’t plan for a smashed truck just like you don’t plan for destroyed knee caps, broken ribs, or cancer. I got sucker punched on this assignment for good reasons. Meeting two super humans reminded me that the financial and sentimental lose of a truck didn’t matter one bit! Thank you photography.

Shoot Related Facts:
Peter normally eats Puffins cereal after his training rides. When I asked why not a full meal, he replied “who has time for that â€" I have to take a nap.”

A lighting tutorial from this shoot was also featured in Rangefinder magazine.

Four months after Peter’s accident he was racing in the Tour of Utah.

My truck has been replaced with a better one, and nobody was hurt except for my wallet.

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"Legs" Editorial Portraits by Jay Watson
[ Copyright Jay Watson ]

"Legs" Editorial Portraits by Jay Watson
[ Copyright Jay Watson ]

"Legs" Editorial Portraits by Jay Watson
[ Copyright Jay Watson ]

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