Colalillo’s Latest Illustration Celebrates Women Coming Together

[ Posted: Oct 08, 2018 ]

Abstract, powerful and incredibly vibrant, Giovannina Colalillo’s latest illustration represents the gathering of women, of circles and the celebration of those who flock together " the principles behind “Cocktails with Chickens”, to whom the piece was created.

The organization expressed much joy towards the recently completed piece, with one spokeswoman, Heather Rebecca Hurst, saying: “Huge Gratitude to the creative energies of Giovannina Colalillo who is one of the most powerfully feminine forces I am honored to know and have the pleasure of working with.”

Giovannina herself also expressed gratitude towards the organization, thanking them for the honor and pleasure of being a part of their project, which is “celebrating women coming together to support, strengthen and have fun with each other”.

Colalillo’s Latest Illustration Celebrates Women Coming Together
[ Copyright Giovannina Colalillo ]

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