Barraclough Shares His Admiration for Young Karate Champion

[ Posted: May 01, 2019 ]

Keith Barraclough might not be allergic to much, but his sympathies and admiration lie with those that are and refuse to treat it as a weakness.

He recently shared his latest photos for Allergic Living, which feature 11-year-old Cara Kelly, who, despite her severe food allergies, is living life to the fullest. Cara occasionally travels the country during karate tournaments and recently took home two gold medals at the USA National Karate Championship and Team Trials. The photos were shot at her dojo, the Ultimate Martial Arts and Fitness Center in Lynbrook, NY.

[ Copyright ©Keith Barraclough ]

[ Copyright ©Keith Barraclough ]

[ Copyright ©Keith Barraclough ]

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