Puschmann’s Trichromatic Photo-Technique Reaches A New Level

[ Posted: May 07, 2019 ]

McLaren 720s Some See More from Simon Puschmann on Vimeo.

Photographer Simon Puschmann shares some of his latest work from a recent two-day shoot in Hamburg Germany. The 40 second video and seven stills of the McLaren 720s Spider were captured in Simon’s personally invented trichromatic photographic technique, a process that demands three separate passes for each shot - one in red, one in green and one in blue - that are later combined in post-production. The glorious result can be seen here below, along with a behind-the-scenes feature that further showcases the procedure.

[ Copyright @Simon Puschmann ]

[ Copyright ©Simon Puschmann ]

[ Copyright ©Simon Puschmann ]

[ Copyright ©Simon Puschmann ]

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