John Kuczala Finding the Meaning in the Heavens

[ Posted: Jul 02, 2019 ]

John Kuczala did a quick turnaround job for the Saturday issue of The Wall St Journal with Kelly Peck.

Peck had a couple of ideas she wanted Kuczala to sketch. One was a view of space with stars forming a question mark and the second was an astronaut floating in front of some kind of celestial sphere similar to the image below the main art.

"NASA has an incredible library of images taken with the Hubble Telescope and the image of a spiral galaxy ended up being the perfect start of the question mark". Kuczala continues to say, " It was exciting to find images that filled in and helped clarified the question mark"

Kuczala also produced a motion piece for online.

John Kuczala Finding the Meaning in the Heavens
[ Copyright ©John Kuczala ]

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