Dan-Bergman Captures A Modern Rarity

[ Posted: Aug 01, 2019 ]

These days, coming across a person who’s not on their smartphone is somewhat of a rarity, which is why Kristofer Dan-Bergman’s latest “LESwalk1” photo comes across as quite up-lifting. “Kudos to her”, says Kristofer, “crossword puzzle on the go, no Phone and a Red Bag… would have done away with the plastic bag though… but that’s just me…”

Sadly for us, Kristofer has also reported that the market near the red-and-black wall has moved (hence, less people walking by) and that the wall itself is scheduled for demolition. But until then, we’ll be enjoying these images to the very last one!

Dan-Bergman Captures A Modern Rarity
[ Copyright ©Kristofer Dan-Bergman ]

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