Gutierrez Illustrates “Double Bass Blues” Picture Book

[ Posted: Jan 02, 2020 ]

Rudy Gutierrez provides the art for the wonderful new picture book “Double Bass Blues” by Andrea J. Loney. The book’s premise is described as such:

“Little Nic is an aspiring musician whose life spans two different worlds--his suburban school where he wows his friends in the orchestra, and the busy city streets of his home where he's jostled by the crowd. Nic makes his way home from a busy day at school with a double bass on his back, the symphony of his surroundings in his heart, and a sweet surprise for the reader at the end of his journey. This is a sweet, melodious picture book about how dedication, music, and family can overcome any obstacle.”

In sharing the book’s release date (October 22), Rudy made sure to thank Random House’s Creative Director, Martha Rago, as well as Designer and Editor, Erin Clarke.

Check out the links below to find the book on Amazon and read Nancy Churning’s interview (and review) with Andrea J. Loney.

Gutierrez Illustrates “Double Bass Blues” Picture Book

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