CNN Publishes Story On Barraclough’s Redhead Project

[ Posted: Jan 09, 2020 ]

Growing up with extra attention can be demanding, and with redheads making up only 1-2% of the human population, harassment and bullying from other children is sadly not uncommon.

As is at this point well-known, photographer Keith Barraclough has found an exceptional way to celebrate the uniqueness of read-haired people with his now widely recognized Redhead Project series. Traveling cross-country for years with his wife, Kate Lorenz, Keith has photographed as many as 501 different redheads in nearly two dozen cities! And it all started with a single corporate shoot…Check out CNN World’s recently published article on Keith’s year-spanning project to learn the full story! Please click on CNN Article link below.

CNN Publishes Story On Barraclough’s Redhead Project
[ Copyright ©Keith Barraclough ]

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