Fullarton Tells A Heart-Breaking Story About Glasgow

[ Posted: Feb 04, 2020 ]

David Fullarton is back with a new and humorous illustration, telling a sad but optimistic story about leaving Glasgow:

“I left Glasgow to seek a better life but was abducted by hooligans who have kept me inside this box ever since. Things could be worse however. I have grown used to the confines of my box and in many ways, it is better than Glasgow.”

To avoid backlash from any angry Glaswegians (a real word), David made sure to share the artwork with a disclaimer, saying that the piece is “in no way autobiographical”, and adding that he has “never had anything but a good time in the fine city of Glasgow.” For the hooligans, however, we hope that they can take a joke and at least appreciate the artistry.

Fullarton Tells A Heart-Breaking Story About Glasgow
[ Copyright ©David Fullarton ]

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