David Fullarton Gives Us A Much-Needed Reminder

[ Posted: Oct 05, 2020 ]

“Things may not be great, but at least you’re not a flightless bird.” - David Fullarton

If you think this year has been a particularly bad one and find yourself complaining at your current circumstances, illustrator David Fullarton might just have what you need. “Flightless Birds (What’s the Point?)”, an artwork that specifically throws a jab at the kiwi birds from New Zealand, is now available for purchase as letterpress prints on the Compound Gallery’s online shop. The artwork was part of David’s most recent exhibition at the gallery, titled “Henceforth We Will Require Nothing But Good News”, which lasted until the end of September.

David Fullarton Gives Us A Much-Needed Reminder
[ Copyright ©David Fullarton ]

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