Tonya Engel's "My Hair is Magic"

[ Posted: Oct 07, 2020 ]

"My Hair is Magic" a new picture book illustrated by Tonya Engel is now available! Written by M.L. Marroquin and published by Page Street Publishing.

"This little girl knows her hair is great just as it is. When people ask, "Why is your hair so BIG?" she answers, "Why isn't yours?" Her hair is soft, it protects her, it's both gentle and fierce. While some might worry about how it's different and try to contain it, she gives it the freedom to be so extraordinary it almost has a life of its own.

Told in bold verse and vivid, fantastical illustrations, these critical questions will ring familiar, and the proud, confident answers show that what really matters is how readers see themselves."

Tonya Engel's "My Hair is Magic"
[ Copyright Tonya Engel ] Cover illustration for "My Hair is Magic!"

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