Houser Shares Unofficial Sample of “Under Glass” Photo Book

[ Posted: Nov 25, 2020 ]

Printing test from Robert Houser on Vimeo.

After being asked by Saal Digital to review their book printing quality, Robert Houser requested to make a book sample containing his “Under Glass” photographic series.

Given the theme, Robert chose a flex cover (as opposed to leather-bound) and the result is something quite spectacular. Aside from some technical issues regarding the upload software, his review of the final output remains positive: “I'm reasonably impressed with the print quality and it's pretty nice how flat the pages lay. The stock on the Professional Line XT is quite thick - gives the feel of turning the pages of a cardboard children's book (by way of comparison).”

Now to wait for the official release (one can only dream)!

Houser Shares Unofficial Sample of “Under Glass” Photo Book
[ Copyright ©Robert Houser ]

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