Kevin Steele Shares New Addition to “Life On Pause” Project

[ Posted: Jan 07, 2021 ]

If you were to have asked Kevin Steele 10 months ago whether he thought he’d still be shooting his “Life On Pause” series at the end of 2020, the answer would probably have been “no”. Yet here we are, now at the beginning of a new year, and Kevin has managed to capture a wide variety of stories by people coping with one lockdown after another.

But there seems to be some light in all that darkness. “What gives me hope”, says Kevin, “is the resilience and resourcefulness I‘m seeing.” His latest addition to the series sees a woman named Katherine, split through some skillful editing into her three “characters”. Her story reads as such:

"These characters help me. I’m a very introverted person, for me, it’s fun to play with the other side of myself. When I understand what’s inside of me I understand better what other people are like. The first character, the old lady peeking around the corner, is my mom and my grandmother. I miss, MISS them because they are not here. Their wisdom, I want that to be heard - by myself and others. The second character, the video game girl: she is strong. I wanted someone to motivate me, to be kicking my butt to fulfill my full potential. And the pretty girl is like 'what's expected of me'. Social media creates so much pressure to be perfect."

For more photos from Kevin’s “Life On Pause” project, be sure to check out his official Instagram.

Kevin Steele Shares New Addition to “Life On Pause” Project
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