A Closer Look Into Mr. and Mrs. Kamper’s Bubble

[ Posted: Apr 22, 2021 ]

Growing Bolder-Inside the Bubble with George Kamper from George Kamper on Vimeo.

Growing Bolder, a wide media outlet that includes TV, a podcast, a magazine, and more, recently gave us a rare look into George Kamper’s bubble, and quite literally so! Their interview with George and his wife Sherryl covers what sparked the idea behind the much-acclaimed “Bubble” series and the work that’s been put behind it. We’re always happy to see creative people do the best of a “bad situation” and we’re excited to see where this series will go in the future. As mentioned by Sherryl in the video: “There are certain challenges we all face, and if you challenge them with optimism instead of pessimism, you’re definitely going to get through much brighter”.

A Closer Look Into Mr. and Mrs. Kamper’s Bubble
[ Copyright ©George Kamper ]

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