Luisa Jung Illustrates “Vaccine Loyalty” for New York Times

[ Posted: Apr 27, 2021 ]

“You Pfizer, Me Moderna: Vaccine Recipients Declare Loyalty”. If the title isn’t clear enough, then the illustration definitely is. This wonderful new artwork by Luisa Jung, art directed by Bernadette Dashiell, could recently be seen in the New York Times, accompanying an article on the attachments that some people are now making to the brand of vaccine they’ve chosen (or simply gotten, in the case of those who weren’t able to choose). Some even go so far as to buy t-shirts or find other ways to broadcast what “tribe” of vaccine they now feel that they belong to. Click on the below link for the full NYT article (with Luisa’s illustration seen in its proper context).

Luisa Jung Illustrates “Vaccine Loyalty” for New York Times
[ Copyright ©Luisa Jung ]

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