Morrison Create’s Time-Lapse of Argos’ Arrival

[ Posted: May 24, 2021 ]

BP Argos - Arrival and Offload from Yesenia Rodriguez on Vimeo.

This year, Argos " part of bp’s $9 billion Mad Dog 2 project " arrived in Ingleside, TX, after its 16,000-mile journey from South Korea. Once operational, the platform is expected to strengthen the company’s high-margin oil and gas business in the Gulf of Mexico while supporting 250 jobs. Leading up to that though, the project is expectedly supporting around 800 jobs, as moving and setting up a giant beast such as the Argos requires a LOT of manpower. Altpick member Marc Morrison was tasked with filming the process, seen here in this fascinating time-lapse.

Director: Marc Morrison
Drone Pilot: Yesenia Rodriguez
Client: BP
Project: Argos

For more information about Argos and its future purpose, check out BP’s article on the platform’s arrival, please click on the below link.

Morrison Create’s Time-Lapse of Argos’ Arrival
[ Copyright ©Marc Morrison ]

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