Fullarton Takes A Jab At Business Jargon

[ Posted: Aug 09, 2021 ]

Ever found yourself reading a corporate e-mail two or three times in order to understand what’s really being said? If you have then you’re definitely not alone, as corporate jargon is something that has been satirized for ages, with people scratching their heads, wondering why something so simple has to be explained with such redundant language.

Altpick member David Fullarton brings his own satire with a new piece that pairs a portrait based on an actual mugshot(!) and the “ridiculous jargon that is so all-pervasive in office communications” (as David puts it). As for the sentence in question, David adds: “The language was not made up, but came from an actual memo that I got my hands-on, and as far as I can tell it means precisely nothing.”

Fullarton Takes A Jab At Business Jargon
[ Copyright ©David Fullarton ]

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