Bonazzi's Last Days of Summer

[ Posted: Sep 02, 2021 ]

Every year Internazionale magazine commissions an artist to illustrate their calendar for the upcoming year. In the past, it has been illustrated by well-known artists such as Lorenzo Mattotti, Shout, Olimpia Zagnoli etc.

This year illustrator Davide Bonazzi had the honor to create a 12-month illustrated series for the magazine's 2021 calendar.

"It’s been great to work on this project since they gave me carte blanche and I’ve been free to bring my own interpretation to each month of the year", says Bonazzi. "This one represents September--Last Days of Summer!"

Check out the full project, click on the link below.

Bonazzi's Last Days of Summer
[ Copyright "September" ©Davide Bonazzi ]

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