Lisa Powers' "Woman with Opium Pipe"

[ Posted: Dec 20, 2021 ]

Photographer Lisa Powers recently completed the "Woman with Opium Pipe" piece for her FICTIONAL MEMORIES exhibition starting 8th January 2022.

Back story: During the late 1800s, Chinese arts were highly valued by Europeans and China profited greatly from these exports. However, the Chinese were not as enamored of European arts and a trade imbalance ensued. Queen Victoria, enraged by this, decided to produce and export great quantities of opium to China. Many Chinese became addicted to opium, including Empress WanRong (The Last Empress of China). The Chinese government retaliated by sinking any British ship approaching China bearing opium...and the Opium War started.

Lisa Powers' "Woman with Opium Pipe"
[ Copyright ©Lisa Powers ]

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