Grethen Pays Tribute During National Pet Week

[ Posted: Jun 08, 2022 ]

No matter how dark things might seem at times, our trusted pets are always there to lend a paw and make our day a little brighter. Doesn’t it seem fair then that we devote an entire week of the year to really show our friends some extra appreciation? Well, “National Pet Week” happens every year at the beginning of May and it’s a time to recognize the help and support we receive from those who barely ask for anything in return. Illustrator Donna Grethen has created her own tribute to our furry friends with this new illustration, calling out to her followers to give their pets some “extra hugs this week”.

(And in case you missed it this year, don’t worry, there’s always time to hug your pets and show them some extra love!)

Grethen Pays Tribute During National Pet Week
[ Copyright ©Donna Grethen ]

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