Lacko Characters Rock the Van's Warped Tour!

[ Posted: Aug 04, 2006 ]

The Vans Warped Tour is rolling through it's 12th successful summer under the watchful eye of Producer and Punk Rock Shepherd Kevin Lyman. Headliners including the legendary Joan Jett, hardcore band Helmet and new punk icons AFI join nearly 100 new artists on board a caravan of
busses crossing the country and playing alternative venues to attract the next wave of young music fans.

When Alternative Press Magazine Art Director Christopher Benton was challenged with compiling the Van's Tour issue, he turned to Alt Pick Illustrator John Lacko to render this year's tribute to the fearless leader of the Van's Crusade. In addition to his responsibilities as producer, promoter and all-round Scout Leader, Kevin Lyman has long been a fixture at the BBQ grill at the Rock and Roll Summer Camp Caravan. Lacko's illustration is a gentle parody of Lyman's summer passion for BBQ
which has come full circle now that he has embraced a vegetarian diet. In tune with the new "greening" of America's top alternative tour, Lacko also rendered an eco-friendly tour mascot. Both illustrations are featured this month on Lacko's AltPick Portfolio.

Illustrator John Lacko continues to attract new clients with his AltPick Portfolio and attributes continued site traffic at to the exposure he received last season on Bravo Television's Project Runway. A caricature of Bad Boy Designer Santino Rice was featured prominently
this month when the designer wore their signature t-shirt on the Season Three casting episode. Lacko enjoys doing character work and looks forward to the release of his first vinyl toy commissioned at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego.

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Lacko Characters Rock the Van's Warped Tour!

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