Kurt Ketchum's Big Tea in Little Rochester

[ Posted: Aug 11, 2006 ]

A fitting tag for the flower tea that is Teaposy. Launched at Parkleigh the day after Thanksgiving 06, Teaposy is approaching its one year milestone. And what a fuss it made...

Many of you were the recipients of Ketchum's e-blast announcement last year introducing SMUV'S (Ketchum's design firm) newest lifestyle retail package design product.

What’s new?

• The 06 shipment has arrived. Bloomingdale’s is among the new fine retailers to be carrying the line.

• And the line has blossomed.

Tea Medley: a bouquet of blooming teas [a variety pack for the commitment phobes]

Tea for More Glassware Series: teapot, cup + saucer and warmer [an open invite to a tea party]

Red Song: glorious carnation teaposy [the shy carnation is caught blushing]
Let It Snow: teaposy dancing in the snow [it’s always snowing somewhere in the world]

Daydream Glass Teapot: the first round teapot in the line [affectionately called “Little Buddha”]

Snow Dance Gift Set: includes Let It Snow and Daydream glass teapot [a seasonless gift]

• And oh yes, SMUV won the NPA (National Paperbox Association) "Rigid Box Best of Show" award for the "Baccarat Champagne" box. Forty-nine Rigid Box and Folding Carton industry firms from around the world were involved in the 2005 "Packaging Showcase Competition".

Manufacturer was Paul T. Freund Corp
Customer: Baccarat
Product Packaged: Champagne and 2 crystal champagne flutes
Class Category: Household

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