Lacko finds Chainsaw Awards "Bloody Good Fun!"

[ Posted: Oct 27, 2006 ]

If you're feeling particularly brave this month, you'll grab your kid's
stash of mini Milky Ways and
head to the multiplex to see SAW 3 in all it's Gory Glory. If you're too
squeamish, check out John
Lacko's latest assignment for Fuse-TV's Fangora Chainsaw Awards Show.

It's tough to target the Fuse-TV demographic. This crowd has already been
there and done that 15 minutes ago. The folks who market the Fangora Horror Awards decided to put together an interactive package of online messaging called CHAIN MAIL so young viewers might text message their friends and reveal the note in blood splatters and body parts...

After reviewing John Lacko's AltPick portfolio, they decided he was up to
the gutsy task of illustrating the bloody bits of chainsaw victims. The scope of the project changed a few times during the creation of the website. Art Directors would telephone day and night to work out the particular trajectory of severed heads and popping eyeballs.

"The conversations were hysterical. I'd be walking down the street talking
on my cell phone about the spurting arteries and severed lungs. I was completely unaware how many people eavesdrop on telephone conversations until I started this job and noticed people dashing away from me like I was some psycho serial killer..."

Lacko finds Chainsaw Awards "Bloody Good Fun!"

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