5 Altpick Members in FSB!

[ Posted: Oct 16, 2007 ]

This month's issue of FORTUNE SMALL BUSNESS is filled with lots of great talent including many Altpick members:

Scott Stewart photographed "The Buggy Man", Herb Andler, who owns a business building horse buggies in Nashville, Michigan.

Colby Lysne photographed Kathy Bennett of Bennett Packaging, an underground industrial park in Kansas City for the "My Office is a Cave" article.

Elliott Gollden illustrates a gold "nest egg" surrounded by barricades for the "ASK" column "Should I Raid My IRA?".

Jeff Sciortino photographed Ted Murphy, CEO of Pay-PerPost, which arranges online product placements, matching advertisers with bloggers who are paid to mention their products.

David Stuart photographed Jay Mullis owner of Green Dragon Roach Kill, wins first place in FSB's 2007 Business Plan Competition.

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