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[ Posted: Feb 15, 2008 ]

Ana Bagayan Joins Magnet Reps
Ana's dreamy scenes merge reality with fantasy in an "Analand" where fairy tale themes influence characters with unexpected results, and sweetness often comes packed with a punch. Beautifully rendered, her child-like figures, animals and toys bring powerful concepts to life with little surprises in every illustration. Ana's sweetly subversive work has been catching the attention of the industry influential - with a Young Guns Awards ad campaign as well as a nomination for herself. Clients include Diesel, Honda, BMG, Rolling Stone, Mighty Fine and the Sydney Symphony.

Red Nose Studio's First Picture Book Releases
The Look Book, the first book written and illustrated by Red Nose Studio, follows siblings Ian and Ann as they try to stay entertained on a long, boring summer day. Creative word plays teach the duo that the world around them is more than it appears be, as they meet an unusual array of eye-opening characters and scenarios.

Charles Wilkin for Blue Q
Charles Wilkin has illustrated a bag for Blue Q, the designers and manufacturers of decorative objects, eclectic bath products, miniature books and other artful curiosities. The "Crazy Collage Shopper" is made of woven polypropylene and is available on the Blue Q website and at various boutiques internationally.

Shawn Barber Appears on L.A. Ink
Shawn Barber made an appearance on an episode of The Learning Channel's (TLC) hit show L.A. Ink. The January 22nd episode featured one of Shawn's new paintings, a portrait of tattoo artist and series regular, Kim Saigh. The painting is part of Shawn's "Portrait of the Artist" series and was exhibited in the Red Dot Art Fair at Miami Art Basel. During the episode Kim gives Shawn a skull with roses tattoo and they discuss the oil painting she made of the same tattoo.

Gordon Wiebe for Belgian Band Guernica
Gordon Wiebe illustrated the album art for Belgian band Guernica. "Who Are Your Songs For?", released in December on Vlas Vegas Records.

Catalina Estrada for Chronicle Books
Catalina Estrada has a CD packaging kit available at Chronicle Books. The kit features 25 CD sleeves and over 60 stickers, turning your music compilations and photo albums into works of art. The kit, along with a stationery kit also illustrated by Catalina, is available from Chronicle Books now.

Bella Pilar for Bloomingdale's
Bella Pilar did a series of illustrations for Bloomingdale's Holiday sales. They appeared as full-page ads in The New York Times and ran throughout the holiday 2007 season.

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