ICON5 Mentoree::Jennifer Burkhardt

[ Posted: Jun 03, 2008 ]

Jennifer Burkhardt has been working with the ICON5's Programming Chair, Isabelle Dervaux, to learn more about ICON and the practice of illustration.
Jennifer reflects on ICON4 and talks about her excitement for the upcoming one on July 2nd - 5th in New York City:

"I am so excited for ICON5! I attended ICON4 in San Francisco a few years ago, but I was a little young to appreciate it, though it did give me an intense reality of the illustration world. This time around it is going to be different. Now that I have graduated from school and am trying to get my foot in the door. I have so much more to learn from this ICON! I have really had the time to let the anticipation build since I've been helping out with the Programming Chair for the last several months. It is amazing how much time and planning goes into the conference, beyond what I would have imagined. Every step of the program goes through many people, and just as many revisions. So many opinions on the events and those invited to share with the illustration community are warranted that it is no wonder that ICON is so fantastic. It has truly been a valuable learning experience seeing (and helping) this event take shape. Definitely something I am looking forward too… " Jennifer Burkhardt

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