Kurt Ketchum | Ode to Edo Art Show | Toronto

[ Posted: Jun 09, 2008 ]

The Samurai is the man among men.

On Thursday, June 19 from 7~11 pm at SMASH Gallery in Toronto, Canada the much anticipated opening of Ode to Edo. Edo is a display of an exquisite collection of 14 Samurai armor sets, plus paintings and drawings by 20 international contemporary artists. One of which is Ketchum who has 5 pieces showing his interpretation of Edo. Below is No 4 is for a sneak preview.

The spirit and visual richness of the Samurai culture speaks to us today through films, manga and personal experience. This collection, with pieces dating from the 1890s to the 1990s, serves as inspiration for this group of western and eastern artists as a direct link to the past that also stimulates new forms of creativity. This is Kurt's Ode to Edo and the traditions that honoured the essence and legacy of the samurai.

SMASH Gallery
2880 Dundas Street West ( at Keele )
Opening: June 19th.
Show continues to June 30th.
Gallery hours : 10am - 6pm, Monday â€" Sunday

[ Copyright 2008 Kurt Ketchum ]

[ Copyright 2008 Kurt Ketchum ]

[ Copyright 2008 Kurt Ketchum ]

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