Scarpati: Eyes Wide Open Coming to a Venue Near You

[ Posted: Jul 14, 2010 ]

As one of music’s preeminent photographers over the past 25 years, Scarpati’s work has graced countless album covers. For the first time ever, the artist has assembled 30 of his personal favorite images as a traveling show.

Each shot has been printed on a carefully chosen substrate. Many are somewhat surprising " they include aluminum, canvas, acrylic and a variety of hand rendered wet prints.

Eyes Wide Open will be appearing in non-traditional venues (typically clubs, bars and hotels) across the U.S. and Canada. Reproductions of show images will be available through the artist directly. The collection is also available as a 12”x12” hardcover or 7”x7” paperback book. The book includes exclusive artist’s commentary and insider perspective on the making of these extraordinary pictures.

An interview with John Scarpati:

1. Why is Eyes Wide Open not going for traditional galleries?

From the first day I began contemplating a show, it was clear that I didn’t want the work hanging in quiet, respectful surroundings. The idea is to have people encounter this exhibition as a surprise while they’re already out having a good time. I don’t want the work to be the focal point. Music, cocktails, laughter, those come first. The photography should serve as a really interesting backdrop. I’m choosing locations that are places I enjoy spending time, plain and simple.

2. Why didn’t you include all your most famous photos?

This whole show really is a very personal undertaking for me. It seemed like the one time in my life I could just forget about how famous some band is, or which albums went platinum, and just share a bunch of shots that I’ve always secretly regarded as my little pet favorites. It’s not as if I don’t believe in the pieces that achieved some level of fame; in fact, in fact, while I was putting this show together a publisher approached me about doing a book of all the big well-known stuff. That’ll be next.

3. Why can’t we buy any of these prints?

It is likely Eyes Wide Open will be on the road for a full year or more. If I started pulling away pieces along the way, there wouldn’t be much left. Even though all of these were hand-printed by specialists all over the country, the processes and materials can be duplicated. If you’re interested is a specific piece, contact me through At some point a price list may emerge, but until then let me know what interests you and I’ll go back and see what the original cost. We’ll take it from there.

[ Copyright 2010 Scarpati ]

[ Copyright 2010 Scarpati ]

[ Copyright 2010 Scarpati ]

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