Mike Austin Publishes "A Present for Milo" 1st Author-Illustrator Driven App

[ Posted: Dec 08, 2010 ]

Ruckus Mobile Media announces the release of its first author-illustrator driven app with original content written specifically for Apple’s iPad device: A PRESENT FOR MILO, written and illustrated by Mike Austin, tells an interactive exciting cat-chases-mouse story ideal for pre-readers and young readers alike. With more than 80 tap-able objects that initiate 125 animations, A PRESENT FOR provides a fun, engaging read-to or read-aloud experience at a terrific value for active young fingers and minds â€" on sale for the first two weeks only for $1.99. Check it out here:

A PRESENT FOR MILO features an interactive rollicking reading romp as mouse taunts best friend Milo, the cat, to go on a chase through the house. Who’s knocking on the mouse hole? When mouse peeks out, he sees Milo…and off they go! Down the hall…through the kitchen…up the stairs…across the piano…around and around and around and aroundâ€"Milo and mouse turn the house upside down as the scamper, pounce, jump, and bounce through every room. It’s a spirited chase right up to the exuberant surprise ending.
Every screen invites users into Milo’s interactive world of toys, music, and mayhemâ€"including a rocket, a UFO, a piano with keys that bash, paintings that jump from their frames and a giggly pack of mischievous mice.

• Perfect for pre-readers and young readersâ€"all animations, narration, and sound effects are activated by a simple finger swipe or tap.
• Includes read-along text (that repeats when tapped) of 50 simple, yet engaging words and comical narration by the author.
• Each screen draws the reader into the story, opening with slapstick chase animations that repeat (and often change) when you touch the main characters.
• Users get to join the fun in Milo’s topsy-turvy world: touch objects in every room to see over 125 animationsâ€"dozens of hidden surprises on every screen.
• Hours of fun with a thoroughly engaging story, animations, tap-able surprises and silly sound effectsâ€"a perfect digital storybook.
• Built-in age-appropriate humorous surprises.

“We’re especially proud of A PRESENT FOR MILO because the design is intuitive, anticipating where the young child will want to interact with the story,” says Rick Richter, CEO, Ruckus Mobile Media. “It’s the perfect combination of a high quality story, told just right for 2-5 year old set, that fully engages the child on mom’s or dad’s lap as well as the independent reader. And it’s this synthesis that caught the attention of a top children’s book publisher and led to our first app-to-children’s book deal.”
Based on the storyboards and design of the app created for Ruckus Mobile Media, literary agent Rubin Pfeffer has sold a three-book deal focusing on MILO and mouse to Blue Apple Books. The first book will be a lift-the-flap featuring Milo and his friends, scheduled for fall 2011, with two sturdy books for young children based on new characters to follow.

Pfeffer is proud of the development and asserts this is “the best example yet of story created to make reading engaging and letting a playful story play out on the iPad screen.”

ABOUT AUTHOR-ILLUSTRATOR MIKE AUSTIN: Michael Austin grew up in rural Pennsylvania and studied graphic design and illustration at Penn State University. He has been working as an illustrator for more than 20 years. He lives in Kailua Kona, Hawaii with his wife, illustrator Jing Jing Tsong, their two children and a cat named Milo.

Mike Austin has worked with a diverse group of clients including American Airlines, United Airlines, American Express, Walgreens, Miller Brewing Co., Prudential Investments, U.S. State Department, Robb Report, Business Week, Boys Life, Reader’s Digest, Food and Wine, Philadelphia Magazine, Johns Hopkins University, Tufts University, Consumer Reports, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, Harvard Business Review, TIAA-CREF, Los Angeles Times, Utne Reader, Discover, Texas Monthly, The Progressive, Ski, Globe and Mail, Pacific Bell, Denver Post and many more. He has received numerous awards including Communication Arts and Print magazine. For more information, see www.jingandmike.com.

Ruckus Mobile Media creates stories for mobile devices that entertain toddlers to teens from their fingers to their minds, at home or on the roadâ€"and invite their imaginations to grow. Launched in September 2010, Ruckus is now home to seven children’s book apps, including the Play-Read-and-Record-Along classic storybook apps THE VELVETEEN RABBIT and THE NIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS, told by Meryl Streep; PECOS BILL, told by Robin Williams; JOHN HENRY, told by Denzel Washington, and more. See www.ruckusmediagroup.com for a full listing of apps and more.

Mike Austin Publishes "A Present for Milo" 1st Author-Illustrator Driven App
[ Copyright 2010 Mike Austin ]

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