TRUE SKILLS 2011 - Milan.Italy.

[ Posted: May 08, 2011 ]

Artist Emanuele Alfieri was part of the True Skills, international graffiti and areosolart- live painting party in Milan, Italy.

On a car bridge in the industrial area of the western part of Milan, 60 artists painted the four sides of a building with a different music style theme: Disco-music, MetalRock, Rap and Reaggae vibes.

The objective for "IMPOSSIBLE" was to create a background and insert special Ramarro into the Reaggae wall during the three days of paintings. Check out the fresh underground live Italian art party!

TRUE SKILLS 2011 - Milan.Italy.
[ Copyright Impo 2011 ] Ramarro graffiti writing extreme wall true skills

TRUE SKILLS 2011 - Milan.Italy.
[ Copyright Impo 2011 ] underground jam graffiti jam

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