Kurt Ketchum's Thoughts on Universal Truths , Chaos, and Cycles of Order

[ Posted: Oct 06, 2011 ]

Kurt Ketchum (2BCON'T) The Lobby preview

"As Kurt Ketchum puts the finishing touches on his new work for The Lobby’s inaugural show, the artist continues his meditations on universal truths, cycles of order and chaos, and creating snapshots of the personal journey within these cycles. I spoke with Ketchum on one of the recently rare sunny days outside of his studio, and got to peep the excellent new works he has in store." -- Rebecca Rafferty

Read some more thoughts from a conversation designer and artist, Kurt Ketchum, had with Rebecca Rafferty one sunny Sunday afternoon. Click on link below.

Kurt will be exhibiting at the Bug Jar tomorrow, October 7th at the Bug Jar. Click on link below for more information.

[ Copyright 2011 Kurt Ketchum ]

[ Copyright 2011 Kurt Ketchum ]

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