Gary Alphonso for the ROM's 'God's Among Men" Exhibition

[ Posted: Jun 25, 2012 ]

Gary was commissioned by Hambly and Wooley to create an illustration for research testing of an ad campaign for the Royal Ontario Museum (ROM). The results of the testing would determine the final concept direction for the “Gods Among Men” (Mayan Civilization) exhibition at the ROM. The client wanted to explore a more colorful vibrant direction that would only be possible with illustration, with the focal point being a Mayan King in full flamboyant costume, in the context of a Mayan village with pyramids and lush scenery. Gary says “The challenging part was to take bits and pieces from the mountains of research material provided by the ROM and depict how colorful these these “Gods among Men” would dress. The strange gestural pose was not accidental! It was important to show the stance these kings would strike to differentiate themselves from mere mortals.”

In the end the ROM, opted for a more photo based approach.

Gary Alphonso for the ROM's 'God's Among Men" Exhibition
[ Copyright 2012 Gary Alphonso ]

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