Jude Buffum :: Two New Styles

[ Posted: Aug 22, 2012 ]

A fantastic new artist, Jude Buffum, at Mendola Artists has two strong styles--8-Bit/Pixel and Info Graphic--wrapped into one. Both styles command attention and delight the eye... a killer combination!

Jude's 8-Bit/Pixel work pays homage to classic video games, such as Super Mario Brothers and Pac Man. His pixelated characters may play tennis and bowl (see "The Dude" on the right), but they remain flatly pressed against an ever-present computer screen. Jude repeatedly references pop culture and cult movies, including The Big Lebowski and rapper T-Pain's Auto-Tuned music.

[ Copyright 2012 Jude Buffum ]

[ Copyright 2012 Jude Buffum ]

[ Copyright 2012 Jude Buffum ]

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