On Silk Stockings, Cigars and Turning 20

[ Posted: Oct 04, 2012 ]

Designer of the most recent Alternative Pick Deck, Clare Ultimo captured the true essence of the graphic history and philosophy of The Alternative Pick in the latest Altpick Connects blog post. Clare has been an advertiser and friend of Alternative Pick for almost 20 years and her knowledge of the industry has given her a wonderful perspective of Alternative Pick's history. Thank you Clare for your generous contribution of your ideas, designs and experience.

Alternative Pick has been very lucky over the years to work with so many amazing and talented artists, from the designers of the directory, awards booklet and Deck to all of the artists who presented their work in each.

Most importantly, Alternative Pick was created for the creative buyers' keen sensibility to choose the perfect artist for their projects. We support their dedication in perserving the spirit of visual communications in all of the ever-changing mediums.

We stand by our commitment to continue to support the artists in their marketing and promotional efforts and we look forward to another 20 years + of more amazing work!

Thank you everyone for your support, loyalty and love of art!

--Maria Ragusa-Burfield

Click on link below to read Clare Ultimo's article on Altpick Connects.

On Silk Stockings, Cigars and Turning 20
[ Copyright 2012 Walker Esner ]

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